Early Education Center

Development an implementation
of professional education for 0-to-2-year-olds
EQ, IQ, and Cultural/Social Quotient cultivation

Art Therphy

Development of a therapeutic art environment through cooperation with global research institutions.
We support the healthy growth of children, including children with disabilities through research and development in therapeutic art and music.
Currently conducting research for a curriculum for developing the emotional intelligence of children in partnership with Professor Peter Salovey Bio's research team at Yale University in the United States.

Professor Peter Salovey Bio

Majored in Psychology/Sociology at Stanford University
Obtained Master's and Doctorate degree in Psychology at Yale University
Became a tenured professor at Yale in 1995
Became the president of Yale in 2013
Leading authority on Emotional Intelligence

Breast Feeding Center

Promotion and support of breastfeeding on a global
scale through a worldwide network of
experts on breastfeeding

Public Benefit Activity

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